Pest and Rodent Control Edmond Services

Red Beard Wildlife Services provide a “full circle” service to our customers in the Oklahoma City area and even include Edmond, Piedmont, Arcadia, Midwest City, Dell City, Moore and Norman areas.

We use non toxic pest control to keep you and your home safe, and pest free.  We provide excellent habitat management and growth programs for our customers wildlife projects.

We provide:

Bat control/removal
Rodent control/removal
Fox Control
Coyote Control
Badger Control
Bobcat Control
Predatory control/removal including Bobcat, Coyote,  Red Fox & Grey Fox
Beaver control/removal
Skunk control/removal
Squirrel control/removal
Armadillo control/removal
Raccoon control/removal
Raccoon damage prevention products for the homeMole/Gopher removal programs
Honey bee removal
Goose removal & control
Goose agitation and Addling (birth control) services.
Wasp control/removal

When needed, Red Beard Wildlife Services also provides wildlife damage repair and animal scat removal.  We will provide repairs and patch work to seal up the animal access points.  And also provide preventive solutions to prevent animals accessing vulnerable areas on your structure in the future.

Our Home Repair Solutions Include:

Damage repairs to the wood , vinyl & metal exteriors
Installing new soffit vents
Installing new foundation vents
Installing new chimney caps
New screens on attic vents
Replacing dryer vent covers
Installing roof vent guards
Preventive solutions and repairs for damages to the property
Feces/Urine clean up
Install/Remove attic Insulations
Seal up rodent entry points
Replacing roof turbines / vents
Replacing damaged shingles
Replacing / Repairing dormer vents
Seal up soffit / Under eave spaces, gaps, and entry points
Clean/maintenance guttering system
Install gutter guards
Trim nuisance tree limbs

Whether it’s raccoon, bat, skunk, or rodent control in Edmond, we’ve got you covered.