Skunk Removal In Edmond, OK Area

Skunk Control & Removal

Skunks are nocturnal mammals that can be found throughout the United States, including Oklahoma. As omnivores, skunks aren’t picky eaters and will happily gorge on bird eggs, rodents, grubs, berries, nuts, fungi and more. They’ve also developed a taste for pet food and garbage, which they’ll scavenge if provided the opportunity.

Signs of a Skunk Infestation

Unlike other wildlife species that invade houses, skunks are poor climbers and their intrusions are usually limited to at or below ground areas such as crawl spaces, basements and garages. You’ll know you have a skunk on your property immediately because of the overwhelmingly pungent stench which they produce.

Both skunks and raccoons will raid garbage cans and pet food containers but skunks are much more likely to cause damage to your lawn by digging for grubs. Finding patches of ripped sod in your yard is a likely sign of a skunk infestation.

Problems With Skunks

To put it simply, skunks stink. Their infamous sulfurous spray is a nasty defense mechanism which causes extreme nausea and temporary blindness on contact. Skunks are territorial creatures which will spray if approached, especially if they have babies to protect. While skunks don’t usually enter homes, having one living in your yard is bad enough, since children and pets are likely to make the mistake of approaching one and getting sprayed.

Aside from their unbearable stench, skunks are also destructive to lawns and gardens. Another danger posed by skunks is the possibility of rabies transmission, with skunks being among the most common carriers of the deadly virus.

The Best Skunk Removal in Edmond & Oklahoma City

If a skunk has taken up residence on your property in the Edmond & Oklahoma City area your safest choice is to allow a licensed wildlife control company to remove them. Give Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions a call today for professional skunk control and removal services! We offer skunk removal services in Edmond, Arcadia, Moore, Oklahoma City, The Village, and other surrounding areas! 

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Skunk FAQs

Do Skunks bite.

Oh yes, BUT watch out for that stink spray. In general, keep your distance form ANY skunk. They WILL bite and they WILL spray.