Skunk Removal Edmond

Are skunks making your yard and house their home?

As a common nuisance animal in Oklahoma and North America in general, skunks plunder through your property looking for food, water, and shelter.

Skunks have public health concerns such as carrying rabies and transmitting diseases to humans and pets. Not only this, but skunks can also wander into your yard or garden to dig through sod, causing time-consuming damage. That’s when you should contact us for Edmond skunk removal services.

The typical skunk population is not known to be aggressive animals unless they feel threatened. This means curious pets or children could potentially upset a skunk, making them a dangerous wildlife animal to be on your property. This can also increase the chance of a skunk spraying or biting.

Skunk FAQs

Do Skunks bite.

Oh yes, BUT watch out for that stink spray. In general, keep your distance form ANY skunk. They WILL bite and they WILL spray.