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Raccoon Control & Removal

Raccoons are large nocturnal mammals that can be found pretty much everywhere in the United States, including all over Oklahoma. Compared to most species of wildlife, raccoons have adapted extremely well to human development. Though they traditionally feed on fish, frogs and crayfish, these opportunistic scavengers will happily chow down on whatever they can get their paws on. They are notorious for raiding garbage cans and outdoor pet food containers.


Signs of a Raccoon Infestation

Because of their size, it’s hard not to know there’s a raccoon living in your attic or crawl space. Raccoons thump around so much you might think there’s an intruder on your roof. They also make a range of weird noises including chittering, hissing, snarling and screeching.

Of course, the first sign of a raccoon on your property will probably be waking up in the morning to find your trash cans knocked over and garbage scattered through your yard. Unless you also hear raccoons inside your home at night, there’s probably a nearby raccoon that raids your trash but not one living under your roof.


Problems With Raccoons

As already mentioned, raccoons love to ransack your garbage and will make a huge mess in the process. Beyond this, raccoons are incredibly destructive pests, perhaps the most destructive of any wildlife species. Raccoons will actively tear apart your roofing in order to enter your home and, inside, they’ll do even worse damage, ripping apart insulation, drywall and woodwork as they build a nest for their young.

Aside from being destructive, raccoons will create a terrible stench by using your house as their bathroom. Raccoon feces are known to spread roundworms, e. coli and salmonella. Raccoons themselves are among the most common carriers of rabies, which they can transmit to you or your pets by biting. Be very careful if there’s a raccoon on your property, they’re scrappy critters that will not hesitate to attack if they feel cornered and they can cause serious injury even if they don’t have rabies.


Professional Raccoon Removal in Edmond & Oklahoma City

If there’s a raccoon living in your home in the Edmond or Oklahoma City area, your best option is to have the pest removed by a licensed wildlife control company. Contact Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today for effective raccoon control and removal services! We offer raccoon removal services in Edmond, Arcadia, Moore, Oklahoma City, The Village, and other surrounding areas.

Racoon FAQ

Are racoons dangerous?

In a word, yes. They can be aggressive and WILL bite. Typically they will not take a run at you unless they are rabid. If one DOES run at you...retreat and take cover. Never try to handle a racoon, even though they can be darn cute, they can be VERY dangerous.