Goose Control, Removal & Addling

The Canada goose is a large species of waterfowl found throughout North America. In Oklahoma, some geese nest year-round while others migrate here only for winter. The omnivorous, geese feed primarily on grass and have developed tendency to nest in neighborhoods and parks, where they feed on lawns.

Signs of a Goose Infestation

You’ll know you have geese nesting or feeding your property immediately due to excess of green feces which they scatter everywhere they go. Canada geese tend to nest in elevated areas within close proximity to water. If you have a pond, a creek or even swimming pool your property, is likely that geese will build nest nearby. Otherwise, they may pass through but will probably not stay for long.

Problems With Geese

The main problem with Canada geese is sheer volume of waste they produce, which makes it impossible to walk your own yard without messing up the soles of shoes. If you have a swimming pool, expect geese to pollute it with their waste unless is properly covered. In addition to being gross, geese feces often contain harmful parasites and bacteria like cryptosporidium, salmonella and e. coli.

Geese are distinctly territorial birds and, once nest on your property, they’ll decide that your yard is yard, and defend it fiercely. Geese will not hesitate to attack people or pets who wander too close to their nests, and these attacks may lead to injury.

Experienced Goose Removal & Egg Addling in Oklahoma City

The most effective method of preventing Canada geese from accumulating on property is goose egg addling. This process involves discretely removing fertilized goose eggs from nest, terminating the embryo, and then returning the egg to nest. If nests are removed or eggs are destroyed, geese are likely to simply build new nest and lay new eggs. However, if fooled into believing the sitting on fertilized eggs, are unlikely to breed and more likely to abandon your property.

If geese have built nests on property the Oklahoma City area, allow licensed wildlife control company to perform removal and addling services. Call up Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today for expert goose control and removal services! We offer goose removal services in Arcadia, Edmond, Moore, Nichols HillsThe Village, and other surrounding areas. реплика копия