Beaver Control & Removal

Beavers are large semi-aquatic mammals that inhabit lakes, ponds and rivers throughout North America, including Oklahoma. Beavers are voracious herbivores that feed on all types of aquatic and terrestrial plants. They eat every part of the plant, from leaves to bark.

Aside from eating them, beavers will fell trees and use the logs and branches to build dams on waterways. Notably, this makes beavers one of the only animals other than humans that deliberately modify their living environment to create better homes for themselves. For this reason, they have been nicknamed “Nature’s Engineers.”


Signs of a Beaver Infestation

If you suddenly see bark being stripped away from the bases of your trees, there’s almost certainly a beaver living around your property. Using their incredibly powerful incisors, beavers will gnaw away at the trunks of even the largest trees until they fall. If you have a pond or river bordering your property, you might actually see the beaver dam pop up.


Problems With Beavers

There are two main problems with beavers on your property. The first is their tendency to chop down all of your trees, which can ruin the natural beauty of your yard and lead to damage if the wrong tree is felled.

The second big problem is that beavers dam up waterways, changing the way the water flows. This can result in severe flooding which may damage the lower and underground levels of your home, destroy your gardens and even block roadways.


Licensed Beaver Removal in Edmond & Oklahoma City

If a beaver has built a dam on your property in the Edmond & Oklahoma City area, you should have a professional wildlife control company remove it before flooding ensues. Contact Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today for reliable beaver control and removal services in Edmond, Oklahoma City, Moore, & other surrounding areas!

Some info about Beavers

Do beavers bite?

Yes, although not typically aggressive, they WILL defend themselves when confronted. Do NOT try to handle a beaver.