Gutter & Siding Repairs

Gutter & Siding Repair Services

When wildlife settles around a home, the first areas to endure damage are often the gutters and the siding. Birds may nest in gutters, while squirrels will store nuts in them, leading to a clog. Larger animals like raccoons may knock gutters out of alignment by clambering on them.

Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions offers the following services for gutters:

  • Inspection of gutters for wildlife damage
  • Installation of debris blockers
  • Installation of downspouts
  • Installation of seamless new gutters
  • Repairs for dents in gutters
  • Repitching of gutters
  • Replacing gutters in 5″ and 6″ K style
  • Resealing of gutter corners
  • Unclogging of gutters

Wildlife can also be very destructive to the siding of homes, particularly soffits, vents and fascia boards. Rats and squirrels will gnaw and scratch at siding, and raccoons can cause even more severe damage.

Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions can provide the following services for siding:

  • Inspection of siding for wildlife damage
  • Installation of siding trim
  • Installation of new siding
  • Installation and repairs for eave returns
  • Installation and repairs for fascia boards
  • Installation and repairs for soffits
  • Installation and repairs for soffit vents
  • Remodeling of existing siding
  • Removal and replacement of damaged siding
  • Repairs for damage to siding
  • Replacement of damaged insulation

Contact Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today for expert gutter and siding replacement in the greater Oklahoma City area!