Bat Removal in Edmond, OK

Are you looking for help getting rid of an annoying and harmful bat colony in your home in the Edmond area? We’ve got you covered.

Bats are destructive pests that can make a huge mess when they invade homes in Edmond. They tear up insulation in your attic and walls, and their feces, known as guano, covers everything in highly-corrosive filth. They also spread many serious diseases, including airborne histoplasmosis, so cohabitating with bats, even if they are tucked away in your attic, means big trouble. You don’t need to have physical contact to get sick from them!

Professional Bat Removal

Bats are more than just pests; they are also essential members of Edmond’s ecosystem and protected by law. Bats cannot simply be trapped or killed, which is why you need the services of Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions. We have the expertise to handle this problem humanely and in compliance with the law. We’ll save the bats and your attic by using a device called a bat valve, which fits over their entrance points. In essence, it’s a tube that lets them exit but not come back in.

Once they’ve vacated, we perform repairs, cleaning and sanitizing of the formerly infested areas. We’ll also assess your home in Edmond for invasion vulnerabilities and implement an exclusion plan to help prevent future problems and restore your peace of mind.

Best Bat Control in Edmond

There’s a reason why homeowners have relied upon our bat removal and restoration services for years: nobody does it better than us! Contact Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today for the ultimate bat removal services in Edmond, Oklahoma City, Moore, and other surrounding areas!