Are you concerned about the potential for a bee or wasps infestation outside your home? What about one inside your home? Don’t laugh: bees and wasps have been known to find ways inside of the walls of homes and to make their hives inside.

It’s only logical: after all, they are trying… to find a safe, warm, and protected place to live. The following signs should help you decide if you have a serious stinging insect problem.

Buzzing Sounds

This is a particularly obvious point, but it’s one that many people ignore or forget. If you hearing buzzing sounds in your walls, there’s a good chance that a large number of wasps have made their home inside. And the larger and more frequent the buzz, the larger the swarm.

Serious infestations have led to millions of bees living in a single home: a truly frightening and dangerous situation.

Sudden Appearance Of  Wasps

So you’ve been sitting around your house on a lazy Sunday and haven’t walked out the door. And yet, you see a fat honey bee buzzing past your head. How did this happen?

While there’s a chance this single bee fought through the holes in your exterior and winged his way into your home, there’s an even stronger chance that he is just one of many that live inside your walls.

The settlement of thousands of bees or wasps in your walls is enough to scare anybody. What do you do? Move out? Spray each insect with bug spray? Or call a pest control agent right away? The answer is obvious: professionals will help eliminate these problematic insects in no time.

Wasp Removal Services In Edmond

If you’re wanting to get rid of wasps or a nest in your yard, contact the Edmond wasp removal pros at Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions. We also service MooreOklahoma City, and other surrounding areas with effective wasp removal services!

About Wasps

Do wasps sting?

Typically they stay away from humans however, red wasp ARE quite aggressive. They will protect their home with a vengeance. In fact, one wasp WILL sting you multiple times if he can. If you are allergic to wasps and bees, keep clear. Wasp sting usually only hurt a little but for those who have a high allergy, they can be painful and cause significant swelling.