A++ service and professionalism. The owner, Trevor, saved us after hours at 11:00pm. My wife and I came home to a dead skunk in our backyard (that our dog got a hold of), I had no idea what to do from there. (Has never happened or even thought such a thing). My dog and backyard were covered in skunk spray. Trevor answered (at 11pm) and was here in less than 20 minutes. Trevor showed up and asked great questions, was very professional, and most importantly cared for and was concerned about my dog Redd to begin. Then proceeded to be thorough and clean up all the mess including bathing my dog from the spray. Also, gave me the next steps and what to do from there including preventative measures of wildlife getting into our backyard in the future. Trevor even came back the next day to do one more thorough check for the skunk spray/oil in the daylight and check on my pup. Very fair prices too. A++ service, I would highly recommend to anyone commercial or residential!

Mark Augspurger - Google