A++ service and professionalism. The owner, Trevor, saved us after hours at 11:00pm. My wife and I came home to dead skunk in our backyard (that our dog got a hold of), I had no idea what to do from there. (Has never happened or even thought such a thing). My dog and backyard were covered in skunk spray. Trevor answered (at 11pm) and was here in less than 20 minutes. Trevor showed up and asked great questions, was very professional, and most importantly cared for and was concerned about my dog Redd to begin. Then proceeded to clean up are mess including bathing my dog from spray. Also, gave me the next steps and from including preventative measures of wildlife to backyard in future. Trevor even came back the next day to one more check for skunk spray/oil in daylight and check on my pup. Very fair prices too. A++ service, I would highly recommend to anyone commercial or residential!

Mark Augspurger - Google

Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions saved our home! We kept seeing red wasps around our home. We didn’t even know had big problem until they finally breached our attic and came into our living area! Are inundated with wasps IN OUR HOUSE! We had no idea what to do. Red Beard Wildlife hand answers that would have neve figured out. We now have our home back! No more wasps!

E. Smith Family - Google Reviews

They responded sooner than they said they would, which was awesome because I had a squirrel in my fireplace! They were very professional and patient as worked to squirrel out safely. They also told me about some issues on my roof that taken care of. I would highly recommend them!

Marissa Edstedt - Google Reviews

I hope you don’t need Trevor’s services but is person in Edmond to help with wildlife removal. I called and he was home right away to help squirrel I had let in house. He is professional and knowledgeable. Trevor’s business card will kept for quick dialing are ever this situation again. Thank you!!!!

Shauna Wilson - Google Reviews

I was very impressed with how quickly he showed up to trap skunk! He came out the next morning after contacting him. He set the trap(s) and she was caught overnight. He came back the very next day after setting traps and put the mama in his truck and came back that evening and pulled 6 babies from under the shed! He pulled up the old wooden shed floor, dug through the mud and finally found the babies, about 2 weeks old. Too young to run, bite or spray. He put them in box one by one put the shed floor back down. He is very respectful, hard working, prompt and friendly. We will use him again if skunk or critter trapped! He knows what he’s doing! Best money I ever spent! Thank you Red Beard Wildlife Solutions!

Lisa Kirk - Google Reviews

I contacted Red Beard’s Wildlife early on Sunday morning after having caught a skunk in a live trap the night before. They arrived in less than 30 minutes and did great job of transferring the animal of cages and removing it quickly and safely. Highly recommend these guys!

Perry Reid - Google Reviews

Red beards is way to go! These guys definitely know their stuff and couldn’t be more professional. I highly recommend them to anyone. They’ve done multiple jobs for my friends and family and we couldn’t be more pleased. 5 stars all around

Growing Free - Google Reviews