How to Keep Animals Out of Your Edmond OK Home: Best Prevention Tips

Wildlife is abundant around Edmond and, unfortunately, some animals would rather live under your roof than out in nature. From mice to raccoons, many local wildlife species view our homes as a great place to take shelter, find easy food and water, and raise their young. Wild animals most commonly nest in secluded areas like attics and crawl spaces, sometimes allowing infestations to go unnoticed for weeks or even months. If you want to avoid a situation like this, your best option is to prevent animals from entering your home to begin with.


animal damage repairHow to Prevent Wild Animals from Entering Your Home

Wildlife prevention boils down to two basics: making it difficult for animals to get inside and eliminating the conditions which draw animals inside. The tougher you make it for wildlife to enter your Edmond home, the likelier they are to move on. And the less desirable your home is to wild animals, the less likely they are to want to get in at all.

Here are a few solid wildlife prevention tips for Edmond homeowners:

  • Never leave food or uncovered garbage cans outside. This will attract raccoons, squirrels and other wildlife, and it’s common for the critters to enter your home in search of more.
  • Don’t leave doors and windows open, especially overnight. Bats and other animals can easily get inside that way, and it can be very hard to get them out.
  • Make sure any openings to the outside of your home, such as vents, are properly covered. Also, be quick to seal any holes you find in your foundation, siding or roof. You’d be shocked what small spaces some wildlife, especially rodents, can squeeze themselves through.

Even if you put your best effort into preventing it, wild animals may still find a way inside your home. For this reason, the most surefire way to keep animals out of your Edmond area home is to hire a team of trained professionals. Licensed wildlife management experts know exactly how to keep animals out of a home and they can install exclusion barriers that are highly effective at keeping critters outside, where they belong.


Professional Wildlife Prevention in the Edmond Area

If you’re worried about animals getting inside, then it’s time to work with technicians who can animal-proof your house. Contact Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today if you’d like us to provide you with wildlife prevention solutions in the Edmond OK area!

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