Addressing & Preventing Wildlife Damage in Your Edmond Home’s Attic

When wild animals enter your home, they’re going to find the darkest, warmest and most isolated place to build their nest. Most of the time, that place is your attic. From rats to bats, squirrels to raccoons, almost every nuisance wildlife species in the Edmond area prefers to infest the attics of local homes. Within, they can cause all manner of damage if left unchecked. If you’ve experienced animal damage in your attic, here’s a quick guide on how to go about addressing the existing destruction and preventing more from occurring.


How to Repair & Prevent Wildlife Damage in Your Attic

If you’ve seen or heard signs of a wildlife presence in the attic of your Edmond home, your first step should be to inspect your attic for hard evidence. You might find animal nests or scat, and you’re also likely to discover visible damage. Raccoons and other wildlife will tear apart insulation and use it as nesting materials. Squirrels and other rodents will also gnaw on everything, including wires, wood and drywall. If you see any of this damage, you’ll know you have a problem.

Any damage you discover should be repaired quickly to prevent further problems. If you’re not comfortable making the repairs yourself, hire an experienced wildlife damage repair company that is licensed to operate in Edmond. Insulation that has been soiled by wildlife droppings, especially bat guano, will need to be removed and replaced to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading. If you see damage to PVC pipes or electrical wires, protect them with rodent-proof sleeves or wraps.

Next, you need to prevent further wildlife damage to your attic in Edmond. This means any wild animals active on your property will need to be removed and excluded from returning. Rodents and other pests often get in through opening near vents, so make sure to prevent this by installing a mesh screen cover. If you find any holes in your roof or siding leading into the attic, seal them up. Raccoons may rip a big hole in your roof to gain access to your attic, so make sure to have any missing shingles replaced.


OKC’s #1 Wildlife Damage Repair Company

If wild animals have really made a mess of your attic, it’s time to bring in the pros who deal with these situations for a living. Give Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions a call today if you’re in need of our damage repair services in the Edmond area!

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