Goose Removal in Moore, OK

Are you looking to get rid of the pesky and dirty geese that congregate on your property in the Moore area? Contact the pros at Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions for effective solutions!

Geese are stubborn, territorial, dirty, noisy and aggressive pests. They can be a frustrating problem when they invade your property in Moore. Geese fiercely defend their nests and will attack if you get too close. Their bite is painful and their wings are powerful enough to break bones. Geese will also blanket your lawn with foul-smelling, slimy feces, a highly unsanitary mess that is loaded with dangerous parasites and pathogens that make people sick and lawns slippery.

Top Notch Goose Removal

Geese are notoriously difficult to get rid of but Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions knows how. We begin by humanely trapping and relocating the birds and their nests far away from your property in Moore. If they return, we’ll employ a tactic called egg addling to discourage them. This involves retrieving their eggs, terminating the embryos inside and then either returning those addled eggs to the nest or swapping them out with fake ones. This is highly effective because the geese will think they cannot reproduce on your property and move on.

Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions Makes Geese Take Flight

Don’t let geese fly in and perform a hostile takeover of your property. Get in contact with Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today for expert goose removal and egg addling services in the Moore area!