Goose Removal in Arcadia

Effective Goose Removal Services In Arcadia

Geese are a common sight in the town of Arcadia, especially if your home borders a lake, pond or creek. Unfortunately, geese in urban areas have a tendency to move onto residential properties, where they can prove to be a persistent pest, especially in flocks. Geese will congregate in yards, gardens and swimming pools, which they will quickly pollute with their feces.

The average goose defecates every twenty minutes, meaning you can find your yard covered in their disgusting droppings within a matter of days. Not only is the smell awful but goose poop can contain deadly bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella, and disease-spreading parasites. While geese feces are the primary source of concern, these water birds can also prove highly territorial, particularly during mating season, and will readily attack children, pets and even adults who wander near.

Geese are also known to wreak havoc on roofs by eating at materials such as tar and, if you’re really unfortunate, they may even find their way down the chimney into your home.

Getting Geese Off Your Property

If geese take a liking to your yard, they won’t be going anywhere, and trying to get rid of them yourself can be both dangerous and futile. That’s where the wildlife removal specialists at Red Beard’s come into play. Our skilled staff is trained on how to safely and effectively remove geese from your property. We will also clean up all of their droppings in your yard and on your roof. If your shingles have been damaged by these flying pests, we can replace those, too. To finish up, we will employ preventative measures to dissuade geese from infesting your property again.

Don’t let geese pollute your yard. Call the experts at Red Beard Wildlife Solutions today to rescue your Arcadia home from these foul-tempered waterfowl!