Goose Removal in Edmond

Goose Removal in Edmond, OK

Are you in need of goose removal services in Edmond?

Geese are territorial birds that often build their nests in yards throughout Edmond. Once geese move onto a property, they’ll cover it in feces. In addition to creating a repulsive sight and smell, goose feces can lead to the transmission of parasites like cryptosporidium and bacteria like salmonella.

Aside from the mess they make, geese will aggressively defend their nests by attacking any people or pets who wander close. Their attacks may cause injury to children and animals. To get rid of geese before they make a mess and cause you harm, you need help from a licensed goose removal service.

Professional Goose Control

If geese have settled on your property in Edmond, Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions will deploy our specialists to assess the situation. Our crew can trap and remove geese from your yard and remove goose nests from your property. However, it’s likely they’ll return or other geese will take over their territory unless more advanced measures are taken.

The most effective means of goose control is a process known as egg addling. This control tactic involves carefully removing goose eggs from a nest, terminating the embryos and either returning the addled eggs to the nest or replacing them with dummy eggs. If geese find themselves unable to produce offspring on your property in Edmond, it will be much easier to drive them away for good.

Red Beard’s Forces Geese to Find a New Nest

If geese have settled on your property, made a mess and displayed aggression, it’s time to get rid of them. Give Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions a call today for the most effective goose removal services in the Edmond area!