Goose Removal in Nichols Hills

Quality Goose Removal In Nichols Hills

If you live near the wetlands in the city of Nichols Hills, you’ve probably seen an abundance of geese. While it might be nice to see geese during a walk through the park, it’s not so nice to have a whole flock of them amass on your lawn. Geese will rip up gardens and rooftops, take over swimming pools, and defecate everywhere they go.

A flock of geese can cover your property in feces in the span of a few days, and those droppings are often home to dangerous bacteria, such as E. coli and salmonella, and parasites which can spread disease to your family.

Geese are aggressive, too; they will chase away anyone who approaches their nest, hissing, biting and pecking at them all the while. Though rare, geese are even known to enter homes through chimneys or open doors, which can lead to a horrible mess.

How to Handle the Goose Problem

You can chase geese off your yard all you want but they’ll always come back, often in greater numbers. To repel these pests permanently, call in the wildlife removal experts from Red Beard’s. Our experienced crew knows how to remove geese in your yard and home without getting themselves hurt. We can also clean up the mess these winged vermin leave behind, scooping up all of their poop and repairing any damage they may inflict on your roof. Our team will also make use of tried and tested exclusion methods to prevent a flock of geese from settling near your home in the future.

Don’t sit idle while your beautiful yard is befouled by geese. Contact the professionals at Red Beard Wildlife Solutions today to extricate your Nichols Hills house from these feathered invaders!