Goose Removal in The Village

Trusted Goose Removal In The Village

Geese love to congregate along the shores of Lake Hefner, and commonly spread into the outlying ponds and creeks throughout The Village. Don’t be surprised if a flock of geese settles on your lawn, and be ready for a big mess. Geese graze constantly and, as a result, they defecate an average of three times per hour. They aren’t picky about where they go, either; geese will leave their feces in your yard, your garden, your roof, and your swimming pool. It won’t be long before your entire property is littered with their stinky green droppings, which can transmit a variety of dangerous parasites and bacteria, even E. coli and salmonella.

On top of that, there’s not much that’s more territorial than a goose during mating season. Geese will violently defend their nests, and will not hesitate to attack you, your children and your pets if you wander too close. Just to top it off, these nasty fowl can tear up your roofing and invade your home.

Get the Goose Infestation Under Control

Once a flock of geese makes a home out of your yard, the mess will become unbearable in a matter of days. Rather than deal with these unwelcome neighbors yourself, hire the wildlife removal masters from Red Beard’s. Our trained and licensed employees will work quickly, safely and efficiently to remove every last pesky goose from your property. Once that’s taken care of, we can clean up all of the feces that the feathered pests have left scattered through your lawn and atop your roof, and repair any damage they’ve caused to your house. To make sure the geese don’t come knocking again, we’ll also employ exclusion tactics that will discourage them from nesting near your home.

There’s no need to battle a goose infestation on your own. Bring in the specialists from Red Beard Wildlife Solutions today to free your home in The Village from the onslaught of angry birds!