Best Tips for Trapping & Removing Wildlife in Your Edmond Home

There are few situations more frustrating than having a family of wild animals invade your home in Edmond. Critters don’t make for good houseguests; they’re noisy, smelly and destructive, and they may even bring diseases and parasites in with them.

Once wildlife is established in your home they can be very difficult to remove. The best way to do so is by baiting and trapping them, but this isn’t something that’s easy to do. Read on to learn more about how to get wild animals out of your house.


Wildlife Removal: When to Call a Professional

Once you determine which part of your house has been inhabited by wild animals, you may attempt to remove the offending wildlife by trapping them. Different animals are lured by different baits. Contrary to popular belief, rodents aren’t particularly drawn to cheese, but can easily be lured into a trap using peanut butter. Any nuts or seeds are great for baiting, trapping and removing squirrels. If you’re trying to bait raccoons, marshmallows and bacon both prove surprisingly effective.

But successfully trapping wild animals in your home isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many critters prove crafty at avoiding traps, especially if they’ve seen others of their species caught in them. Whether or not you’ll be able to effectively remove invasive wildlife from your Edmond home depends on both the species and the size of the infestation. Mice tend to be the easiest critters to trap but if you’re dealing with dozens, you’re unlikely to get them all. Meanwhile, even a single raccoon may be too tall an order for the average homeowner, given that they’re both quite clever and very feisty. It’s also worth noting that some wildlife species, like bats, might be protected from removal by law.

Trapping and removing animals from a home is a tricky process that’s usually best left to the pros. An experienced wildlife removal company will know where to place traps, how to bait them and how to handle the animals once they’re caught. Wildlife removal technicians also know more advanced techniques to remove critters from your home in Edmond if traditional live traps just aren’t working. From bats in your attic to squirrels in your garage, they’ll be able to get those pests out of your house in no time.


Edmond’s #1 Wildlife Removal Company

When wild animals decide to move into your home, you need a trusted squad of pros to evict them. Give Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions a call today if you need to have wildlife trapped and removed in the Edmond OK area!

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