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Skunk Removal Services

Do you need skunk removal services in Oklahoma City?

When you smell a strong, sulfuric odor in your yard, it’s a likely indicator that a skunk has made itself at home on your property in Oklahoma City. Though it’s rare for skunks to invade houses, they commonly nest in crawl spaces, under sheds and inside of garages.

Skunks will aggressively defend their nest from you and your pets, attacking with an intensely foul-smelling spray if you approach. Not only does it smell awful, skunk spray causes nausea and temporary blindness on contact. Aside from this danger, skunks can be destructive to lawns and gardens when they hunt for food. If you want to get rid of the skunks on your property in Oklahoma City without getting sprayed, hire a licensed skunk control company.

First Class Skunk Control

If there are skunks living around your house in Oklahoma City, Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions will conduct an inspection to determine the skunks’ numbers and nesting locations. Our technicians will then use carefully laid traps to quickly and humanely capture the skunks and remove them back to nature, where they belong.

If you’re worried about more skunks taking up residence near your home in Oklahoma City, our crew will install exclusion measures around your property to ward them off. We can also get rid of that awful skunk smell using odor elimination products.

Red Beard’s Makes Skunks Move Out

Having a skunk living on your property will inevitably leady to someone getting sprayed. Give Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions a call today for the best skunk removal services in the Oklahoma City area!

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Skunk FAQs

Do Skunks bite.

Oh yes, BUT watch out for that stink spray. In general, keep your distance form ANY skunk. They WILL bite and they WILL spray.