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If you walk into your backyard in the morning and smell a pungent odor, there’s probably a skunk living somewhere on your property in Arcadia. While they don’t usually enter homes, skunks will build nests under sheds, in crawl spaces and in garages.

Skunks are territorial creatures that will attack people and pets with a foul-smelling spray if you come anywhere near their nest. This spray can cause nausea and temporary blindness. Skunks will also cause major damage to lawns and gardens while searching for food. To have skunks removed from your property in Arcadia before someone gets sprayed, bring in an experienced skunk control company.

Reliable Skunk Control

If skunks have built a den near your house in Arcadia, Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions will inspect your property to see how many skunks you’ve got and where they’ve holed up. Our specialists will proceed to quickly and safely trap all of the skunks so that they can be removed to the woods, somewhere far away.

To keep skunks from nesting near your home in Arcadia again, our team can install exclusion barriers to keep them away from your property. We can also use an odor eliminator to get rid of the distinctive skunk smell.

Red Beard’s Doesn’t Let Skunks Stink Up Your Home

When a skunk settles in your yard, it’s only a matter of time before someone has an unpleasant encounter with it. Call Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today for expert skunk removal services in the Arcadia area!

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Skunk FAQs

Do Skunks bite.

Oh yes, BUT watch out for that stink spray. In general, keep your distance form ANY skunk. They WILL bite and they WILL spray.