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The Village Skunk Removal

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While you may not see a skunk living on your property in The Village right away, you’ll certainly smell it if it’s there. Skunks don’t usually invade homes but they do like to build their nests along the sides of homes, in crawl spaces and under outbuildings.

Skunks are infamous for their vile spray attack, which they will unleash on any people or pets that come too close. This spray reeks of rotten eggs, causes severe nausea and can even cause temporary blindness if it hits the face. Additionally, skunks will rip up your lawn and garden in search of a meal. For safe and effective skunk removal in The Village, you’ll need to rely on a licensed skunk control service.

Top Tier Skunk Control

If skunks have started nesting near your house in The Village, Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions will perform an inspection to learn if there is one skunk or multiple and where their nest has been built. Our experts will work quickly to safely catch all of the skunks in baited traps, then we’ll remove them to the wilderness.

To prevent future skunk incursions onto your property in The Village, our professionals can install exclusion materials that will keep them from nesting under your buildings. While we’re at it, we can free your nose from the skunks’ stench by deodorizing your property.

Red Beard’s Kicks Skunks Out of Their Dens

If a skunk has made itself at home near your house, never try to get rid of it alone. Contact Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today for the premier skunk removal services in The Village area!

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Skunk FAQs

Do Skunks bite.

Oh yes, BUT watch out for that stink spray. In general, keep your distance form ANY skunk. They WILL bite and they WILL spray.