Skunk Removal in Moore, OK

Are you having skunk issues at your home in the Moore area? Our skunk removal professionals can help put an end to the problem!

There is perhaps no odor in the world more revolting than the sulfuric stench of a skunk. Getting a whiff of one near your home in Moore is more than just an unpleasant assault on your senses; it is a warning to stay away. Skunks are territorial and will spray when provoked. When that happens, the horrible scent clings with chemical tenacity. You’ll need a bath with a harsh concoction of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and detergent to finally release you from your misery.

Of course, getting sprayed isn’t your only concern. Skunks will dig up your landscape in search of grubs, knock over your trash, steal pet food and ransack your garden, too. They also spread diseases like rabies and hepatitis. They are bad news for Moore neighborhoods and, if you’ve got one living near your home, you are going to need professional help.

Professional Skunk Removal

Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions knows just how to handle skunk problems. We’ll humanely trap and relocate the animals to a natural habitat far from Moore. Next, we’ll use special cleaning agents to remove residual odors from your property. We provide comprehensive remedial services, including clean-up, sanitizing and repairs. We know it stinks to have to deal with that stuff and, with Red Beard’s, you won’t have to! Lastly, we’ll implement exclusion barriers to protect your home from future pest problems.

Top Skunk Removal Specialists in Moore

If you’ve seen or smelled a skunk around your home, get rid of it before someone gets sprayed. Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions offers the very best skunk removal services in Moore, so give us a call today!