Best Ways to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Oklahoma City Area House

Since they’re larger than most common wildlife intruders, it should come as no surprise that raccoons are also some of the most destructive critters in the Oklahoma City-Edmond area. Where other pests will sneak in through vents or other holes, raccoons will actively rip apart your roof to get inside your attic, and they love to make dens out of crawl spaces, too. You really don’t want raccoons in your home but keeping them away can be challenging. Here are a few great ways to prevent raccoons from entering your house.


3 Ways to Prevent a Raccoon Infestation

  1. Secure Your Trash – Raccoons have been affectionately nicknamed “trash pandas” because of their propensity to raid garbage cans. Unfortunately, if a raccoon comes to view your trash as fine dining, it increases the odds that the raccoon will try to move into your attic or crawl space. To prevent this situation, keep raccoons out of your garbage by storing trash bins inside when possible, and making sure they’re tightly lidded when you need to leave them outside. If a raccoon can’t feast on your garbage, it’s less likely to invade your house in Oklahoma City.
  2. Pest-Proof Your House – A determined raccoon can break into just about any home in Oklahoma City but that doesn’t mean you have to make it easy for them! If you’ve noticed signs of damage caused by racoons or other wildlife around your roof or foundation, repair them promptly and consider protecting them with a wire mesh barrier. While this won’t be enough if a raccoon has already broken into your house, it’s a good way to deter a raccoon that’s trying to get in.
  3. Use Scent Repellents – Raccoons have sensitive noses, which means that certain scents can drive them away from your property. If you’ve seen a raccoon marauding around your Oklahoma City home, try spraying smells that raccoons hate around your house exterior. Garlic, peppermint, vinegar and pepper are all natural scents that can deter raccoons. Blood meal, ammonia and moth balls work too, but these unpleasant odors might be almost as unappealing to you as they are to raccoons, so use carefully.


Trusted Raccoon Prevention & Removal in OKC Metro

All of these methods may be effective in repelling a raccoon from your house but if they aren’t working, it’s time to bring in a professional wildlife control company for better results. Contact Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today for the best raccoon removal and prevention services in the Oklahoma City-Edmond area!

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