Raccoon Removal in Arcadia

Experienced Raccoon Removal in Arcadia, OK

Are you in need of raccoon removal services in Arcadia?

Raccoons are one of the most common wildlife species found living in urban and suburban areas. You’ll know if raccoons have moved into your neighborhood in Arcadia because they’ll start raiding trash cans by night. As annoying as this is, raccoons will make a much worse mess if they get inside your home.

Raccoons most commonly nest in attics, which provide a safe, warm environment to raise their young. To build a den, raccoons will rip up drywall, insulation and whatever else they find. Raccoons will defecate and urinate all over your attic, creating an unsanitary mess and a noxious stench.

Infamous for their scrappiness, raccoons will hold their own if they feel threatened by you or your pets. Raccoon bites and scratches are not only painful but can cause rabies.

You should have raccoons removed from your Arcadia residence before they cause injury or serious damage. Give the job to raccoon control experts.

Arcadia’s Most Reliable Raccoon Control

Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions knows all the tricks to removing raccoons from houses in Arcadia. Our licensed experts will come to your home to figure out where the raccoons entered and where they’re living now. Our crew will then strategically place baited traps to capture the pests and relocate them to the forest, far from your neighborhood.

After raccoon removal is completed, Red Beard’s professionals will clear out all of their nests and feces, and disinfect the areas to keep parasites from spreading. To ensure no future raccoon invasions occur, we’ll seal any large holes in the exterior of your Arcadia home to prevent re-entry. Our specialists can also install raccoon-proof covers to any vents or other openings that could let the wildlife in.

Red Beard Sends Raccoons Scampering Off

When raccoons start building a den in your attic, it’s only a matter of time before they cause massive damage. Give Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions a call today for expert raccoon removal services in the Arcadia area!