Raccoon Removal in Oklahoma City

Trusted Raccoon Removal in Oklahoma City, OK

Do you require raccoon removal services in Oklahoma City?

Raccoons are opportunistic creatures that have adapted well to urban development. If raccoons are living in your neighborhood in Oklahoma City, your first sign of them will probably be raided garbage bins. While this can be a nuisance to clean up, it’s nothing compared to having a raccoon inside your home.

Raccoons love to nest in attics, and they will make quite a mess in order to build a warm den for their offspring. Raccoons will tear apart insulation, drywall and other destructible materials to build their nest. They will also pollute your Oklahoma City home with urine and feces, the stench of which may be your first sign of a raccoon infestation.

Raccoons are territorial animals that will fight back if menaced by you or your pets, and can inflict painful bites and scratches. They are also known carriers of the rabies virus, and may behave more aggressively if infected.

It’s important to remove raccoons from your Oklahoma City household before they cause major destruction but you shouldn’t put yourself at risk to do so. Let the raccoon control professionals take a crack at them.

Proficient Raccoon Control in Oklahoma City

Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions has plenty of experience with evicting raccoons from homes in Oklahoma City. We’ll have one of our licensed specialists visit your home to determine how the raccoons got in and where they’ve made their nest. Our team will work quickly to trap the raccoons and return them to nature.

Once the raccoons are out, Red Beard’s specialists will clean up the mess they left behind by removing all of their droppings and nesting materials, and disinfecting areas where they accumulated. In order to prevent raccoons from invading your Oklahoma City residence again, we’ll patch up any holes in your walls or roof that they may have entered through. Our professionals can also install durable covers as needed to exclude raccoons from clawing their way in.

Red Beard Wins All Battles With Raccoons

If raccoons have raised a ruckus in your home, you’ll need help to get them out before they tear the place apart. Call Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today for professional raccoon removal services in the Oklahoma City area!