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Mouse in the House: Telltale Signs of a Rodent Infestation

More than 540 common pests call Oklahoma home, including the common house mouse. If you’re wondering if you have a mouse in your house, you might already have a problem. In many cases, if you’ve seen one mouse, you could actually be dealing with an entire colony. However, there are a few key signs that can help you be sure that you’re dealing with an infestation.

Visible Droppings

If you’ve found visible rodent droppings in your home, it’s time to contact one of the rodent removal companies in your area. These professionals can help evaluate the situation and get rid of your pest issue completely. Mouse feces can spread disease to your pets and family members, so it’s important to contact a professional to help you remove these rodents and clean up their leavings.

Audible Sounds

When you have a mouse in your house, you may first become aware of it when you hear strange sounds in the evening. Mice are most active at night — and if your home is typically very quiet, you may be able to hear them scurrying in the walls. Rodent removal companies can help make sure that these tiny skittering sounds disappear for good.

Pet Behavioral Issues

If you have cats, they may notice the presence of a rodent in your home long before you do. If you notice that your cat is behaving oddly, spending extra attention around a certain part of your home, or sitting for hours staring at one wall or baseboard, it may be time to call in a professional. Rodent removal companies understand that cats can recognize mice in the house before humans can, so they’ll take this as a valid reason to make an appointment.

It’s usually quite noticeable if you have a rodent in the house. Even a single mouse can make noise, leave a trail of crumbs and droppings behind, leave noticeable chew marks, and cause your pets to behave strangely. If you’ve noticed one or all of these issues, it may be time to contact one of the most trusted rodent removal companies in Oklahoma. Our skilled technicians can evaluate your home, determine where the mice are hiding, and then help remove them from the premises. You don’t have to live with a pest problem — instead, reach out to our team. For more information, please contact Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today.

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