Bat Removal in Oklahoma City, OK

Do you need some help with bat removal in Oklahoma City?

Bats love to nest in the attics and walls of homes in OKC, and the damage they do is staggering. Bat guano is so highly corrosive that it eats through wood, stone, and metal. It also stains, smells and is teeming with dangerous pathogens that can make you sick.

Dealing with bat issues can be complicated. They are legally protected and cannot be trapped or killed because they are considered a beneficial part of the ecosystem in Oklahoma City. While that is understandable, we know that it certainly doesn’t feel beneficial when they are trashing your attic. If you’ve got a bat problem, you need our help.

Reliable Bat Removal

Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions has the expertise needed to handle bat infestations in Oklahoma City. We do not trap or kill them but we do block their entry points and install special bat valves that act as one-way exits. Once they leave, they cannot get back in.

After the flying pests are gone, we provide in-depth cleaning, repairs and sanitizing of your attic. We’ll also plug up holes and install exclusion barriers like vent covers to the outside of your home in Oklahoma City to prevent bats  from gaining access in the future.

Red Beard’s Wildlife Control Sends Bats Packing

Don’t let bats jeopardize the integrity of your attic. Call Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today for the most effective bat removal services in the Oklahoma City area!