Bat Removal in Moore, OK

Do you have a bat colony issue at your home in the Moore area?

Bats cause big problems for homeowners, getting into attics in search of warm places to nest when the weather turns colder. Encountering one inside your home can be scary, but even more frightening is the devastating damage they do and the dangers they pose to our health with the many diseases they spread. Their droppings, guano, will literally eat your home. Guano contains high concentrations of uric acid that corrodes practically everything it touches, including stone, metal and wood.

Expert Bat Removal

Dealing with a bat invasion in Moore is complicated by state and federal protection laws. Legally, they cannot be trapped or killed. But no worries, Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions knows how to humanely handle this troublesome pest. We don’t kill or trap them. Instead, we replace their entry points with a special tube called a bat valve, which allows them to leave but stops them from getting back in. Once they are gone, we provide restoration of your attic, including repairs, cleaning and disinfecting. We also implement exclusion barriers to help protect your home from future infestations.

Top Notch Bat Control in Moore

Having bats in your home leaves you vulnerable to many health risks. Call Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today for proficient bat removal services in the Moore area!