Mole & Gopher Removal in Moore, OK

Are moles and gophers destroying your property in the Moore area? Our mole and gopher removal experts can help put an end to this issue!

Moles and gophers are destructive diggers that can make a real mess of your property in Moore. Both pests create underground tunnels, build hills and mounds, and displace soil. They cause ugly patches of dead grass and vegetation as well as creating weak spots in your lawn. Additionally, moles and gophers can cause problems for plumbing, underground wiring and cables, septic systems, foundations and more. No matter which pest is the guilty party, it’s bad news for the homeowner and a problem that calls for professional help.

Professional Mole and Gopher Removal

Your friendly experts at Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions know just how to deal with a mole or gopher problem. First, we’ll inspect your property in Moore and determine which pest is causing the issue. Then, we use humane trapping methods to remove the animals and relocate them far away. Next, we’ll clean up any debris, scat, nesting materials and other detritus left behind, followed by restoring your lawn and performing any other repairs needed.

As skilled repairmen and top-notch landscapers, we pride ourselves on the excellence of our remediation work. We offer all-encompassing services to handle every detail of an infestation and its aftermath to the highest professional standards. Lastly, we’ll put exclusion techniques in place to dissuade moles and gophers from coming back.

Red Beard’s Wildlife Control Flushes Out Moles & Gophers

Don’t let moles and gophers dig out your lawn until it collapses underfoot. Give Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions a call today for the most reliable mole and gopher removal services in the Moore area!