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Why a Skunk Infestation Is Worse Than Just a Bad Smell

Do you live in dread of skunks? Well, your fear might just be justified. Skunks and bats have proven to be the biggest carriers of the rabies virus in Oklahoma. If you’re currently dealing with a skunk infestation, let’s take a look at how bad the situation can get and why you need wildlife control ASAP.

Health Concerns And Risks Associated With Skunks

As mentioned earlier, the biggest health concern associated with skunk infestation is rabies. Although not all skunks have the symptoms of rabies, there’s always the risk that the skunks hounding your home are carrying this dangerous disease. It’s even more worrying considering rabies can be easily transferred to humans through bites or the ingestion of skunk droppings.

Besides this, skunks can carry a host of other diseases, such as Q-fever, canine hepatitis, and tularemia. They can also carry ticks, roundworms, and fleas, which can all affect humans. That’s why it’s never advisable to confront skunks. They’re not naturally aggressive but can attack if they feel threatened.

If you have pets, you should also be aware that skunks can be dangerous to them. For instance, their spray can cause your pets to go temporarily blind. In short, skunks have a long list of health concerns and risks associated with them. Their smell can be pretty bad too, but if you have a skunk infestation, it’s the least of your problems.

How To Identify A Skunk Infestation

The first sign will probably be the extremely unpleasant smell. You can also look out for things like paw prints and skunk droppings. However, the main identifier of a skunk infestation is actually sightings of skunks in or close to your home. But, what exactly attracts skunks to your home? Well, skunks are known to search for food and shelter in people’s homes.

They dig small holes in people’s yards to search for ground worms or gather fallen fruit, birdseed, grubs, insects, plus more. They’ll also nest in warm and dark areas of your home, such as crawl spaces, basements, and the space under decks and porches.

If you’re able to identify skunks in your home, the best thing is to call wildlife control companies that specialize in skunk control. With so many risks and concerns attached to having skunks in your space, calling wildlife control should be done ASAP.

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