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Tips to Keep Raccoons Away From Your Home

Raccoons can live as long as 12 years in the wild. These animals can find their way to your home and start causing serious problems. Raccoon damage will cost you a lot of money in inflated heating and cooling bills. These animals will damage your insulation, ventilation, and electrical systems. They usually find their way into your attic and disrupt whatever you have installed there. If you don’t deal with raccoon damage, you can end up with fires in the home, water damage, and even mold. Here are some tips to keep these nasty creatures away from your home.

Bring in trash cans

The first step to keep raccoons away from your home is to not give them a reason to visit you in the first place. This means you must not leave your trash cans outdoors. Raccoons love trash cans. To them, a trash can looks and smells like a burrow loaded with food. If you can’t bring the trash can in, you can find one with a lockable lid. However, this will still attract them because of the smell. You can also put your trash into plastic baggies to contain the smell.

Don’t leave out pet food

If you have pets, it is not uncommon to leave some pet food out on the porch for your dog or cat. However, raccoons also eat anything that your pet will eat. Never leave pet food outside where raccoons can smell it. If you must feed your pets outside, make sure you check later to clean the dishes and bring them inside. While bird feeders are not that risky, they might still attract raccoons. You will also need to take the bird feeders indoors at night.

Soap the yard

Raccoons do not like the smell of Irish Spring soap. This scent can effectively keep them away. Make some soap flakes and scatter them at the borders of your yard to create a raccoon control barrier. You can also put more concentrated piles near food sources. Another scent you can use to keep the raccoons away is that of cayenne pepper.

Install repellent lights

This is another effective raccoon control option that doesn’t involve the use of dangerous chemicals. Repellent lights flash colored beams, which can keep animal intruders away at night. The eyes of animals are sensitive to this kind of light. Therefore, they will stay away from your property.

These tips will help you keep raccoons away from your property and avoid some serious damage to your home. If you are failing to keep them away, you can call raccoon control services to help you.

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