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Signs of a Skunk Infestation and What to Do

Skunks can be dangerous animals. In case you or your pet gets bitten or scratched by a skunk, you should seek medical attention immediately. Skunks, of course, are famous for the unpleasant smell associated with them, but there’s more to a skunk infestation than odor alone. An infestation of any kind requires professional pest control services to achieve the best results. It is hard to get rid of pests entirely with home remedies. Seek a reputable pest control services company to deal with the infestation.

Aside from the smell, another sign that skunks have invaded your property is the presence of dropping and tracks. Skunks have unique paw prints as compared to many small-sized animals, making it easier to identify them. In case your lawn or garden has many holes, there could be a possibility that there are skunks nearby. The hole of a skunk looks like a squirrel hole as it is shallow and small.

The Dangers of Skunks

Can skunks harm humans? What are the dangers of skunks? Skunks and bats are Oklahoma’s highest carriers of the rabies virus in the state of Oklahoma. These small animals are capable of biting and causing wounds. Skunk bites may result in the deadly rabies virus, which is easily transmitted.

The smell from skunks can make you nauseous or experience diarrhea as it is stomach-turning. The odor may also lead to breathing problems. So, what happens when a skunk sprays you?

The skunk spray irritates the nose and eyes, resulting in mucus production, tears, and redness. The high concentration of the spray is toxic and may lead to coughing, gagging, and temporary blindness in some cases.

Importance of Skunk Removal

Professional pest control services are the best way to go about skunk removal. The services are reliable as the pest control services companies have the necessary skills and experience to get rid of pests.

To remove skunks, contact the nearest wildlife rehabilitator, police department, health department of your local animal control officer. Removal of skunks protects you from the risk of spreading the deadly virus rabies.

Avoid nuisance in your home by getting professional pest control services. Pest control may look easy until you try several home remedies without success. Make your home less desirable for pests and keep your family from direct contact with pest infestation.

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