Mole & Gopher Removal in Oklahoma City, OK

Are you in need of mole or gopher removal in Oklahoma City?

Both moles and gophers cause a lot of headaches for homeowners in OKC. They build mounds and dig underground tunnels, killing vegetation, disrupting soil, weakening foundations and creating unsightly and unstable areas along the top and beneath the surface of your lawn.

The mole is a pointy-nosed omnivore, whereas the gopher is a round-snouted herbivore and slightly larger than the mole. Despite their differences, the damage they do is similar. If you are trying to figure out which of these pests is plaguing you, the mounds might be a clue. Moles create cone-shaped mounds, whereas the gopher’s is distinctly crescent-shaped. But we should warn you that you might have both, as it is not uncommon for them to share territory in Oklahoma City. Regardless, getting rid of either species is a difficult task that requires professional help.

Effective Mole & Gopher Removal

Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions specializes in the removal of moles and gophers. We are well-versed in the habits of these pests and can easily identify the species giving you problems. We’ll use the appropriate lures to humanely trap them and will relocate them safely away from your home in Oklahoma City.

Next, our remediation experts go to work. This includes cleaning, repairs and exclusion. We provide top-quality landscaping work to restore your lawn as well as performing any needed structural restoration. Lastly, we’ll implement barriers and deterrents to help ward off future problems.

Red Beard’s Wildlife Control Digs Deep to Stop Moles & Gophers

If you’ve got a mole or a gopher digging up your lawn, stop them before your yard is full of holes. Give Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions a call today for the premier mole and gopher removal services in the Oklahoma City area!