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Get Rid of Summer Stink With These Skunk Removal Methods

Everyone has heard of using tomato juice to eliminate the smell of a skunk’s spray. However, a better option is to prevent skunks from getting near enough to spray you at all. Keeping skunks away from your home is one of the most important things to manage during the summertime — and luckily, there are several solutions to take care of this problem.

How Do You Know If You Have a Skunk Problem?

There are a few different signs that you may have a skunk problem. The first is that there are holes in your yard, burrowing in towards your home. But because a lot of animals can dig holes in your yard, how do you know if it’s actually a skunk? Besides actually seeing the skunk, the best way to tell if you do have a skunk problem is going to be the smell that skunks leave in their wake.

Now that you’ve identified that you have a skunk, what are your skunk removal options?

Take Away Its Reason For Being There

A lot of times, skunks hang out near a food source. This means that you need to try and remove that food source. This could come in the form of your outdoor trash; if the trash receptacle is accessible to skunks and other wildlife, they’re going to stick around to enjoy regular meals. Be sure to use a tight-fitting lid on your trash so that skunks can’t break in. You should also pay attention to what is in your yard. For instance, if there are any trees that leave fruit on the ground, skunks might linger because they know they can find a snack in your yard. If you make it harder for skunks to feed, they’ll be more likely to move on.

Use Live Traps

Another common skunk removal option is to use a humane live trap. These will capture the skunks on your property so that you can release them far away from your property. That said, traps aren’t always effective and will require you to move them yourself. Ultimately, this isn’t something that most people would recommend, as it can lead to frustration and wasted money. And of course, you could also risk getting sprayed or bitten!

Call a Professional For Skunk Removal

If your DIY skunk removal methods aren’t working, it may be time to call a professional to remove the skunks for you. This will be the best bet to get rid of any stubborn skunks that won’t leave after all other options are exhausted. This is ultimately the safest and most effective method of skunk removal at your disposal.

If you suspect you’re dealing with a skunk (or several skunks!), there’s no time to waste. Eliminate the chance of summertime stink and call in a skunk removal professional. For more information, contact Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today.

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