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Fast Facts on Oklahoma Bees

Oklahoma bees provide many benefits to the state but can also be problematic if they sting the wrong person. As a result, you need to understand these facts and how non toxic pest control methods can help keep these fascinating and beneficial creatures away from your family.

Four Main Types of Bees Live in Oklahoma

While there many species of bees throughout the state, Oklahoma has four primary types. The honey bee is the most crucial type and helps provide $20 billion in pollination every year. The Africanized Honey Bee is a more aggressive species that causes several deaths every year but does help pollinate crops. Carpenter bees are known for their burrowing habits, and the bumblebee is known for its large body and slow flying speed.

Bees are Very Social

While not all stinging insects are social creatures, Oklahoma bees live in hives and serve a queen bee. The queen lays all eggs and must be kept healthy to expand the hive. And while individual bees have a small amount of intelligence, they can communicate to each other via pheromones and even intensive ritualistic dancing. This type of socialization shows that the hive has a surprising level of intelligence and planning capability.

Honey Bees Can Be Deadly

Although carpenter and bumblebees are not particularly aggressive, honey bees are different. They will sting people who come too close to their nest and spread a mild poison. This chemical can cause sharp pain and itching in most people. However, those who are allergic to honey bees may have a severe reaction and may even die. Honey bees cause more than half of the stinging deaths in Oklahoma alone, though non toxic pest control helps.

Oklahoma Bees are Dying

Studies have found that honey bees are dying out across the nation due to a mite that gets in their body and triggers a long and painful death. Unfortunately, Oklahoma seems to possess a higher death rate than anywhere in the country. This recent increase has been partially influenced by a higher concentration of mites in the state, along with a continuing five-year drought.

Managing Bee Problems

The unfortunate deaths of so many honey bees make toxic or deadly pest control unwise. Thankfully, non toxic pest control methods are available to help with this problem. These methods have become very diverse and are suited to relocate bees to keep them in a more natural and safe environment.

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