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3 Risk Factors That Make You More Likely To Deal With Pests

When you move into a new home, it may not be long before you realize that you’re dealing with some unwanted houseguests. Pests may seem like a shock at first, but the reality is that they’re surprisingly common. Though you’ll certainly want to take all pests seriously and get in touch with pest control companies as soon as you’re aware of their presence, some creatures offer more serious risk factors than others. For example, while ants may be irritating, they aren’t quite as dangerous as bigger animals like raccoons, bats, and skunks. Skunks and bats in particular offer the danger of rabies, as they’re the highest carriers of the virus in Oklahoma.

Different factors can make it more likely that you’ll deal with pests. Any home can be affected by pests; and no matter what, you need to contact professional pest control companies if you not only want to eradicate the pests but ensure that they don’t come back. With that being said, let’s explore some of the issues that can make you more likely to experience pest problems.

1. The Weather

Simply put, certain pests are going to be more attracted to your home during specific times of the year. The winter is cold for everyone, and certainly, it’s a time of year during which pest control companies often hear from clients in need of rodent control services. Rodents are more likely to crawl through tiny gaps in order to seek warmth and food, while larger animals like skunks and raccoons may crawl underneath homes for similar reasons. Heavy rain can also push these animals to pursue shelter.

You can’t do much to ensure that your house doesn’t seem more attractive than the great outdoors, but you can take measures to pest-proof your home on a regular basis. Before cold weather sets in, you may want to add a preventative call to a pest control company as part of your preparations. Non toxic pest control measures can be taken more often than measures that involve toxic chemicals. Why not do what you can to prevent a problem from occurring in the first place?

2. Older Housing

It’s almost inevitable that older homes would be more likely to experience pest issues than newer homes. This isn’t because older homes are made out of poorer quality materials, or are poorly constructed. Often, the opposite is the case! But older homes have experienced a level of wear and tear that newer homes usually haven’t. Therefore, it’s more likely that they’ll have gaps that little rodents can squeeze through. Bigger animals will have scouted out these older homes prior to your arrival and know exactly which spots to target.

Pest control companies can usually help you seal off the gaps while getting rid of pests that are already in the home. Furthermore, they can often use products that will ward off pests through scents. Though these products won’t last forever, they can buy you time as you make repairs and renovations that will more effectively safeguard your home. When larger pests are an issue, you may need to have companies visit repeatedly to take care of a skunk or raccoon removal.

3. Wooden Building Materials

Needless to say, wood can make your home more likely to receive visits from certain pests. This isn’t to say that brick houses or houses constructed of alternate materials are immune from pest problems. Rather, wooden materials simply attract more pests due to their internal structures. Mice and other rodents aren’t the only types of animals we need to be concerned about when dealing with wooden homes.

Certainly, termites should be major concerns for homeowners. They can destroy a home’s structural integrity. Therefore, you should have these types of risks addressed immediately. While termites should be caught through a good home inspection, signs like drooping drywall and small pinpoint holes need to be investigated.

There are so many reasons that we need to take pest problems seriously. They can pose safety hazards, health risks, and can compromise a home’s value. Fortunately, the aid of pest control companies makes it easier for us to confront the above risk factors and safeguard ourselves for the long term.

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