Armadillo Removal in Moore, OK

Are you needing help getting rid of a nuisance armadillo in your Moore area home’s yard?

Armadillos are known for their destructive digging activities. They have long, piercingly sharp front claws, which they use to forage for food like insects, their favorite snack. No yard in Moore is safe from their intrusion. Armadillos will dig up your lawn, garden, shrubbery and flowerbeds with relentless persistence. The damage they do is not only extensive but swift, often turning your yard into a hole-filled mess in just a single day.

Armadillos are not aggressive but they are still dangerous to handle. They are known carriers of leprosy. If you’ve seen one or noticed their trademark, triangle-shaped holes in your lawn, don’t attempt to deal with it yourself. You are going to need professional assistance with armadillo removal.

Professional Armadillo Removal

Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions has the answer to your armadillo problem. We will locate and humanely trap the offending animal, relocate it far from your home in Moore, and then assist with any necessary clean up and repair, including restoring your lawn. We do it all so you don’t have to.

We also specialize in exclusion and can put deterrents in place to dissuade armadillos from violating your property in Moore in the future. Prevention is still the best form of pest control!

Best Armadillo Removal Service in Moore

Don’t leave your home vulnerable to costly damage from armadillos. Contact Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today for the best armadillo removal services in the Moore area!