Wildlife Exclusion in Oklahoma City, OK

Would you like wildlife exclusion services in Oklahoma City?

A variety of wildlife species are known to invade homes in Oklahoma City and their presence can be quite the nuisance. Within a house, wild animals will chew on and rip up insulation and wiring while also making a smelly mess with excrement and urine. The first step to dealing with a wildlife incursion is to have the animals removed but that doesn’t solve the problem for good.

If you want to keep wild animals from infesting your home in Oklahoma City again, you need to prevent them from accessing your property. While you may be able to buy deterrent products at a store, your safest bet is to seek the services of a wildlife exclusion company.

Expert Wildlife Exclusion

At Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions, we know all the tricks to excluding wildlife from entering a property. After we’ve removed the animals from your house in Oklahoma City, we’ll follow up with our exclusion services to make sure you never have to deal with this unpleasant situation again. These are some of the preventative solutions we use to keep wildlife out of your property:

  • Squirrels, rats and mice can enter your walls and attic through the smallest of holes. Our experts can find these holes and seal them up so that pests can’t use them as a doorway.
  • Bats and squirrels often access attics through vents and sometimes even get into your home through the chimney. We can place durable covers or screens over these openings so that they’ll still function properly but animals can’t get in.
  • Raccoons are often quite destructive to roofing, ripping large holes in your roof in order to get inside. Our specialists can remediate the damage they caused and use pest-proof exclusion materials to keep them from being able to claw their way in again.
  • Skunks and armadillos like to dig out their dens under porches and inside of crawl spaces. We can install wire mesh around the perimeter of your home to prevent them from burrowing underneath.

The Best Wildlife Exclusion Company in OKC

If you don’t take measures to protect your home after a wildlife infestation, the problem is likely to recur. Contact Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions today for reliable wildlife exclusion services in the Oklahoma City area!