Armadillo Removal in Oklahoma City, OK

Are you needing armadillo removal services for your home in the OKC area? If so, you are not alone. 

Armadillo populations have been steadily on the rise and they have become a real problem for homeowners in Oklahoma City. They are much worse than a roadside annoyance; they are destructive diggers. Armadillos use their long, sharp, claws to tunnel for insects, doing extensive damage to landscapes and gardens in the process, sometimes so quickly that the destruction appears overnight. 

Because they are nocturnal, you might not even see the animal, but you’ll definitely see their handiwork. Be on the lookout for ripped-up vegetation as well as their unique holes, which are distinctly shaped like triangles and up to 3” deep and 5” wide.

If you suspect an armadillo infestation, it’s best to act fast. Because armadillos are dangerous to handle and are known to carry leprosy, your wisest course of action is to contact a professional for armadillo removal.

Expert Armadillo Removal

Nobody can handle an armadillo problem like the professionals at Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions, OKC’s top-rated wildlife control specialists! You can count on us to trap and remove the armadillos swiftly and humanely, and implement an exclusion plan to discourage them from returning. We’ll assist with any necessary repairs and clean-up as well, which includes restoring your lawn. Not only are we experts at wildlife control, but we also have a team of top-notch repair technicians to provide the best remediation work in the business.

The Best Armadillo Control in OKC

If an armadillo moves onto your property, it can wreak havoc on your lawn. So, don’t wait, contact Red Beard’s today for efficient armadillo removal services in the Oklahoma City area!